Sexual exploitation and prostitution

An Untold Story: experiences of life and street prostitution in Hull

In 2013, the independent charity Hull Lighthouse Project which has now been outreaching to vulnerable women in Hull for over twenty years, was commissioned by one of its major funders, the Lankelly Chase Foundation to conduct a piece of qualitative research which investigated the narratives of women who had experienced street prostitution, with particular reference to their routes into this. Due to the funders open outlook and egalitarian approach we were able to let the project develop organically – leading to the participants of the project becoming its co-creators.

What happened when we showed a film about ‘lover boy’ sex trafficking to a group of teenagers

“How does it feel to be trafficked for sex? Dehumanised, broken and invisible: that’s what people who’ve been through it have told me...The Crossing tells the story of a trafficked girl told from a first person point of view, a fictionalised account based on a composite of girls’ experiences drawn from case study research for the project. It has been adapted to be displayed on multiple types of platform, from a single screen to a film with surround sound, and an interactive version.”

Resettlement experiences of street sex-working women on release from prison

This Griffins Society research explores the lived experiences of resettlement for street sex-working women alongside the views of professionals from community-based projects that have supported this group in their transitions from custody to the community. The study considers the challenges facing women on the day they leave prison and also the wider resettlement process: what preparation and planning takes place prior to release and the experiences and difficulties encountered by women once they have returned to life in the community.

Peer Talk: Hidden Stories

A Participatory Research Project with Women Who Sell or Swap Sex in Teesside 

A Way Out is proud to have led on this research project, which has produced a detailed picture of how, where and why women sell sex, including issues associated with their personal journey into and out of sex work. A key aim of the project was to inform and shape commissioning and provision of services for a group of women, largely hidden, excluded from society and frequently distanced from the services which could help them to change their lives.

Selling sex for survival: adult sexual exploitation and prostitution in the North East and Cumbria

This report draws together findings from a series of research projects looking at the nature and prevalence of adult sex work and exploitation across the North East. The full range of research funded by Northern Rock Foundation on this topic can be found on its website.

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